~Form:  Super-premium loose-leaf green tea, hand-picked buds and tips

  ~Taste: Clean, fresh, subtle with a smooth after-taste

  ~Origin: Zheijang Province, China

  ~Caffeine: Low.  Very mild stimulant, perfect for meditation.

  ~Gluten-free & sugar-free

  ~Health Benefits:  Helps build muscle, reduce fat, boost energy, improve mood and brain function, fight disease and cancer, slow the aging process, and combat dementia and Alzheimer's.  Improves dental health.  Natural treatment for diarrhea and vomiting.


Tasting Notes:

Our naturally grown Anji White teas have a clean, fresh, subtle flavor and a smooth after-taste.  The leaves open after steeping exposing their long, slender shape and white sheen.  Our Anjia White tea brews into a light, yellow liquor with a delicate aroma of Spring.  Anji White’s flavor is a simpler, subtler form of the more robust green teas.   Sensitive tea drinkers may note hints of cucumber or melon.  The finish is clean and silky. 


Background and Cultivation:

Anjii White tea is an all natural super-premium green tea made from carefully selected buds, hand-plucked before the Qīngmíng Festival in early spring.  It is prized among China's tea connoisseurs as it is made from the pinnacle grade leaves.  Anji White tea is the “rawest” form of camellia sinensis, the wonderful plant which produces yellow, green, and black teas.  The processing involves spreading out the leaves to dry, baking to deactivate the enzymes, followed be a light roast in a large wok to lock in the flavor.  Our Anji White tea is cultivated by a seventh generation tea farmer on a beautiful organic tea farm whose plantations spot the mountainsides of a remote valley in Zhejiang province, China.


Health Benefits:*

Anji White tea has two to three times more amino acids than other green teas, which helps build muscle, boost energy, recovery, mood, brain function, and reduce fat loss.  Because it is among the least processed teas, it also has a higher concentration of antioxidants.  Western and Eastern medicine believe tea’s free radical scavenging and cellular defense boosting capabilities and promote graceful aging.  Like other green teas, it also boosts the immune system against illnesses (like the flu), helps fight diseases (especially osteoporosis and diabetes) and certain cancers.  Studies have found promising results for the use of green teas in the prevention or treatment of arthritis, Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, among other conditions.  It is also improves the health of teeth and gums and prevents bad breath.  It is a natural treatment for patients suffering from diarrhea and vomiting.

White tea is a very mild stimulant, but its low caffeine content does not cause insomnia or nervousness for most tea drinkers.  Simultaneously refreshing the mind and southing the soul, it is an excellent meditative aid.

*More information about the scientific research into the health benefits of white and green teas


    Preparation Notes:

      ~Use a heaping tbsp (~0.12) oz of dried leaves for a small pot of tea shared among friends, but as little as a large pinch of dried leaves (~0.02oz) per 8 oz of water can be used for a single tea drinker.

      ~170˚ -185˚ F for 1 - 2 min will yield a pleasant, mild, silky tea. You can steep longer for a stronger flavor; however, be careful to avoid applying water that is too hot.

      ~Leaves can be re-infused.

      ~When brewing white tea, it is best to use simple tea sets composed of natural materials made of pottery, stone or wood. Serve with a tea pot set, individual cup, or free floating in a glass.

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