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Gunpowder Green Tea Tasting Notes:

Our gunpowder green tea is curled and rolled yellowish infusion.  It opens with a sweet and roasted aroma that reminds of an open meadow in the early autumn.  Gunpowder green tea is a bold green tea with a slightly smoky taste that gives rise to its name and smooth finish.  Gunpowder green is typically higher in caffeine than most other green teas and is commonly used by some athletes to improve endurance.



  ~Form:  loose-leaf gunpowder tea

  ~Taste:  A bold green tea with a slightly smoky taste and smooth finish.

  ~Gunpowder Green can be re-infused several times

  ~Origin: Zhejiang Province, China

  ~Gluten-free & Sugar-free

  ~Caffeine: medium

  ~Health benefits:  Improves alertness and cognition, slows the effects of aging, boosts the immune system against illnesses, diseases, and fights cancer.  Helps with the prevention and treatment of arthritis, Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s.  Improves health of teeth and gums and prevents bad breath.  A natural treatment for diarrhea and vomiting.


Background and Cultivation:

Our Gunpowder tea originates from Pingshui in Zhejiang province, China.  It is grown on a beautiful tea-farm owned by a seventh-generation organic tea farming family.  The leaves of our organic Gunpowder Green tea are withered, steamed, curled and rolled, and finally dried.  Gunpowder tea leaves hold their freshness longer than other green teas due to their compressed form. 

Health Benefits:

Green tea has first and foremost been regarded as a delightful and invigorating beverage.  It has also won a strong following among herbalists, traditional medicine practitioners, as well as a growing number of wester doctors who credit it with a variety of health benefits.  The most commonly cited are improved mental alertness and cognition, slowing the effects of aging, and an ability to boost the immune system against illnesses (like the flu), diseases (especially osteoporosis and diabetes), and fighting certain cancers.  Studies have found promising results for the use of green teas in the prevention or treatment of arthritis, Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, among other conditions.  It is also believed to help relieve headaches, improve dental health, prevent bad breath, and assist patients suffering from diarrhea and vomiting.

*More information about the scientific research into the health benefits of different green tea*

Preparation Notes:

  ~Use a tbsp (~0.17) oz of dried leaves for a small pot of tea shared among friends, but as little as a large pinch of dried leaves (~0.02oz) per 8 oz of water can be used for a single tea drinker.

  ~175˚ F (80˚ C) for as little as 1-2 minutes or longer, depending on personal preference.

  ~China Green can be re-infused several times. 

~Serve with a glass tea pot set, individual cup, or free floating in a glass.

  ~Tastes great hot or iced.

  ~We find China Green makes a great cold brew green tea

  ~Serve with a glass or porcelain tea pot set, in a lidded porcelain cup, or free floating in a glass.** Both the tea cup and the teapot should be rinsed with hot water beforehand to prepare the vessel.  

  ~Gunpowder tea leaves will expand when in contact with water, so to avoid brewing an overly strong tea, the number of pellets used should be limited.

**See our separate page regarding brewing Green Teas in glass cups.

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