About Us

Welcome to the House of Leaf & Bean's online Tea Store.

We offer a variety of loose leaf teas for discriminating customers interested in the benefits of a healthy lifestyle as well as great tasting teas from around the world.  

For those interested in brewing and serving tea using tea sets, we offer a selection of modern and traditional tea steeping and serving ware.

The House of Leaf & Bean Organic Cafe:

We also warmly welcome you to visit our organic cafe and restaurant in Jacksonville Beach.  On most Sunday's conduct a one-hour Chinese tea ceremony that allows our guests to learn more about Chinese tea, and tea culture.

At the House of Leaf & Bean, we offer a full menu of organic food and drink served fresh for lunch and dinner as well as snacks and small plated, with a variety of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options.  Our menu features many dishes created using our fresh tofu made in house. Our convenient drive thru makes it easy to pickup your order if you call ahead. 


About our Founder:

Wen Raiti opened the House of Leaf & Bean in 2017 to offer the community more delicious and affordable options for organic food and drink, especially plant based proteins and healthy teas.  Wen is originally from China and when moving to the United States two decades ago found her body did not adapt well to the processed foods laden with artificial preservatives and flavors, ultimately leading her to see a variety of doctors who offered prescriptions for symptoms but not a path to a cure.  After researching her condition and exploring alternative, natural treatments in the form of diet and lifestyle changes, she found her problems abated and disappeared.  She advocates a combination of healthy dieting and healthy living, including organic foods (making extensive use of a plant based diet), stress reduction, meditation, and exercise.  

Future Offerings:
We are developing a meal plan services are in the works for the near future so stay tuned. Sign up on our email list to get the latest discounts and coupon deals. Or follow us on Instagram @houseofleafnbean or on Facebook .

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