Our loose leaf teas are naturally grown and cultivated for discriminating customers interested in the benefits of natural products for a healthy lifestyle as well as great tasting teas from around the world.  Our boutique selection of white, green and black teas are hand picked from China, sourced directly by House of Leaf & Bean.
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Anji White Tea ~ Premium Naturally Grown

Features:   ~Form:  Super-premium loose-leaf green tea, hand-picked buds and tips  ~Taste: Clean, fresh, subtle with a smooth after-taste  ~Origin: Zheijang Province, China  ~Caffeine: Low.  Very mild stimulant, perfect for meditation. ...

Sword Green Tea

Features:  ~Form:  Loose-leaf Sword Green tea  ~Taste:  Subtle floral and grassy notes, slightly sweet and silky aftertaste   ~Sword green tea can be re-infused several times  ~Origin: Zhejiang Province, China  ~Gluten-free &...

China Green Tea

Features:  ~Form: loose leaf organic tea  ~Taste: lush leafy flavors with a buttery texture  ~Can be re-infused several times  ~Origin: Zhejiang Province, China  ~Gluten-free & Sugar-free   ~Caffeine: medium  ~Health benefits: ...

Dragon Well Green Tea ~ Premium

Dragon Well Green Tea Tasting Notes: Dragon Well Green Tea has narrow, flat leaves that upon close inspection are rippled and sinuous.  It generates a pale green infusion that is...
From $12.00

Gunpowder Green Tea

Gunpowder Green Tea Tasting Notes: Our gunpowder green tea is curled and rolled yellowish infusion.  It opens with a sweet and roasted aroma that reminds of an open meadow in the...
From $6.50

Dark Roasted Oolong Loose Leaf Tea ~ Premium

Dark Roasted Oolong Tasting Notes: Our dark roasted Oolong tea has large, wiry tea leaves that produce an amber cup of tea with a warm, but subtle earthy tones, and floral...

Black Tea Fannings

Features:   ~Form: Fannings, a finely ground tea.  Ideal for iced tea, cold brew, tea blends, and kombucha.   ~Taste: Rich, complex taste of nuts and herbs with natural sweetness  ...

Black Tea Premium Loose Leaf

Features:   ~Form:  Premium black loose leaf tea - whole leaf  ~Rich, complex taste of nuts and herbs with natural sweetness  ~Origin: Zhenjiang Province, China  ~Can be re-infused multiple times ...

Lemongrass Spice (Yummy Tummy) Herbal Loose-leaf Tea Blend

Features:  ~Form: Loose leaf organic herbal tea, house blend  ~No sweeteners, preservatives, or coloring   ~Ingredients: Lemongrass, peppermint, cinnamon, black tea fannings  ~Can be re-infused  ~Gluten-free & Sugar-free  ~Caffeine: Low-medium ...
From $9.95

Summer Beauty, Loose Leaf Herbal Tea Blend

Features:   ~Form: Loose leaf tea blend   ~Taste: An extremely refreshing combination of tart, floral, and minty flavors.  Great hot or iced.   ~Ingredients: Rooibos, Peppermint, and Hibiscus petals   ~Can be...
From $9.95

Black Tea Whole Leaf

Features:   ~Form: Black loose leaf tea - whole leaf   ~Taste: Rich, complex taste of nuts and herbs with natural sweetness   ~Re-infusion:  Can be re-infused 2-3 times   ~Origin:...
From $8.00
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